Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics

What is PAO or SFOT

Periodontally Assisted Orthodontics(PAO) also known as Surgically Facilitated Orthodontics (SFO) is an innovative approach that combines the precision of orthodontics with the power of modern surgical techniques to achieve remarkable results in less time. PAO is often used to treat cases of severe malocclusion, where the teeth are significantly misaligned, crowded, or spaced apart.

Three Stages of PAO/SFO

PAO/SFO typically involves three key stages: the pre-surgical orthodontic preparation, the surgical intervention, and the post-surgical orthodontic alignment.

During the pre-surgical orthodontic preparation, Dr Ivanov focuses on aligning the patient’s teeth as much as possible before the surgical phase. This step aims to optimize the positioning of the teeth and prepare them for subsequent surgical intervention.

Dr Ivanov may utilize selective alveolar corticotomy, decortication, or bone grafting techniques, tailored to the specific requirements of each case, aiming to expedite tooth movement, promote optimal bone remodelling, and establish an ideal environment for effective orthodontic treatment.

Following the surgical intervention, the post-surgical orthodontic alignment begins under the guidance of Dr Ivanov. Using braces, aligners, or other orthodontic appliances, Dr Ivanov continues to guide the patient’s teeth into their desired positions. This phase focuses on refining the tooth alignment and achieving the desired occlusion.

Throughout each stage of the PAO/SFO process, Dr Ivanov works closely with the patient, ensuring their comfort, addressing any concerns, and providing personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Dr Ivanov’s expertise and precision in both orthodontics and periodontal surgery contribute to delivering exceptional results while prioritizing the patient’s oral health and overall well-being.

In a typical PAO treatment

The orthodontist and periodontist (Dr Ivanov) work together to plan and coordinate the treatment. Dr Ivanov will first perform a series of gum surgeries to reshape the gum tissue and underlying bone, creating an ideal environment for tooth movement. This procedure involves lifting the gums away from the teeth and removing or reshaping the underlying bone to allow for more space and movement of the teeth. Once the gum surgery is complete, the orthodontist will then use braces or Invisalign to gradually move the teeth into their correct positions. Dr Ivanov will continue to monitor the patient’s progress and adjust the gum tissue as necessary throughout the treatment process. PAO treatment can take anywhere from six months to two years, depending on the severity of the dental issues being addressed. After the treatment is complete, patients will need to wear a retainer to maintain their new smile and prevent their teeth from shifting back to their original positions.

Benefits of PAO

The benefits of Periodontally Assisted Orthodontics are numerous. By combining orthodontics with periodontics, PAO can address complex dental issues that may not be treatable with orthodontics alone. Additionally, the gum surgeries performed during the treatment process can help improve the overall health and appearance of the gums, leading to a more attractive smile.

If you are considering Periodontally Assisted Orthodontics, be sure to consult with Dr Ivanov to assess your dental condition and determine if this treatment is the most suitable option for achieving your desired outcomes.

Unlock Your Perfect Smile

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