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Full Arch / All-on-X

Full Arch (All On X) Graft-less Solutions

All-on-X or Full Arch Implant Treatment is a dental procedure that involves replacing a full arch of missing teeth with dental implants. It is a highly effective solution for patients who have lost most or all their teeth and want a permanent, natural-looking alternative to traditional dentures. During the All-on-X procedure Dr Ivanov will place a series of dental implants strategically along the jawbone to support a full arch of replacement teeth. The number of implants needed will depend on the individual patient’s needs and the condition of their jawbone. The All-on-X technique is named for the fact that a minimum of four implants are used to support the arch of replacement teeth, but in some cases, more may be required.Once the implants are in place, a temporary bridge will be attached to them while the healing process takes place. After a period of several months, during which the implants fuse with the jawbone through a process called osseointegration, a permanent bridge or denture will be affixed to the implants. This final restoration is custom made to match the patient’s natural teeth in size, shape, and color, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.

The benefits of All-on-X

or Full Arch Implant Treatment are numerous. Compared to traditional dentures, implant-supported bridges or dentures are more secure and comfortable, do not require adhesives or special cleaning solutions, and allow for better chewing function. Additionally, because the implants fuse with the jawbone, they can help prevent further bone loss in the jaw, which can occur when teeth are missing.
Overall, All-on-X or Full Arch Implant Treatment is a highly effective and long-lasting solution for patients with multiple missing teeth. If you are considering this treatment, Dr Ivanov will determine if it’s the right option for you after comprehensive thorough evaluation. With proper care and maintenance, implant-supported bridges or dentures can provide a durable and natural-looking solution for many years to come.
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